Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update on Beck Double Murder Story

The puzzled has been solved on which Beck family of Georgia was connected to this Eugene.

I was able to link up this information after reviewing several articles, including information found on page 96 of "Sketches of Rabun County History 1819-1948 by Andrew Ritchie.  The author noted that the mere mention of Eugene's name recalled the most horrible tragedy that Rabun county has ever known.

He this Eugene W. Beck was the son of of Major John Beck (1819-1873) and Elizabeth S. Norris (1824-1875), from Rabun County, Georgia, and grand-son of Colonel Samuel I Beck (1796-1876) and Tabitha Langston (1796-1856).  He was the only child of John and Elizabeth Beck. 

The two daughters of  Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Bailey, of Forsyth County Georgia, were buried at Cummings Historical Cemetery.  Later, the parent's were buried next to their two daughters.

Eugene Beck was placed on trial and convicted for life at the state penitentiary, where he later died of blood poisoning while working in the coal mines as a convict in May, 1890.  It is not know where he was buried.

Such a tragedy....

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  1. This is horrible! Good work, Linda!